Totum Sport Ultimate Electrolyte

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The world’s only 100% natural sports supplement, uniquely harvested from the source of all life on Earth.

Power your performance with Totum Sport. Rapidly replace every electrolyte lost during exercise, and achieve complete cellular hydration. Containing 78 electrolytes and trace elements, including Sodium, Chloride, Magnesium, Potassium and Zinc, in the perfect proportions for your body. Totum Sport has superior benefits including faster recovery, complete hydration, reduced muscle injuries and enhanced stamina, strength and speed.

The Power of Plankton

Plankton are the most important group of organisms on Earth. They are the foundation of the whole food chain in the oceans and they perform some of the most crucial functions that are necessary for the creation of life in the sea and on land.

Phytoplankton use sunlight and photosynthesis to produce approximately 70% of the Earth’s oxygen. At the same time they convert minerals and trace elements present in seawater to bioavailable elements. Zooplankton in turn feed on the phytoplankton which releases these converted elements into the sea (just below great plankton blooms) as the most potent source of bioavailable minerals on the planet. Totum Sport is the only 100% natural hydration sports supplement in the world which contains 78 bioavailable electrolytes in the perfect proportions because it’s created by Plankton.




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Recommended Use*:

Drink Totum Sport straight from the sachet, without mixing with water or any other liquids, as this will effect the absorption rate of Totum Sport, reducing the efficiency of the electrolytes. One sachet of Totum Sport should be taken for every hour of exercise.

Before Exercise:For best results, take one sachet 10-15 minutes prior to exercise or training, on an empty stomach.

During Exercise:During endurance events, or when training in hot and humid conditions, take one sachet every 60 minutes.

After Exercise:Take one sachet immediately to rapidly replace all the electrolytes lost during exercise. If you take any additional supplements for recovery, such as proteins or carbohydrates – ensure that Totum Sport is taken 10 minutes beforehand to increase the absorption of these supplements.


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